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Capacity 8,1 t Capacity
Main Boom Length 4,2 m - 10 m Main Boom Length
Max Tip Height 16.5 m Max Height
Vehicle Gross Weight 7936 kg Gross Weight
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Boom2,9 m - 6,5 m (9 ft 8 in - 21 ft 2 in) three- section full power boom. Maximum tip height: 7,6 m (25 ft 2 in)
*Optional boomYB4409 and YB4409XL: Manual fourth main boom fly section adds 3,0 m (10 ft) additional boom length.
*Boom extensionYB4409 and YB4409XL: 1,8 m (6 ft) fixed pin on extension
Boom noseYB4409 / XL: Single sheave non-pivoting
Boom elevationSingle double acting hydraulic cylinder with integral holding valve. Elevation: 0° to 60° for the YB4409 and YB4409XL
Anti-two block deviceStandard anti-two block device, when activated, provides an audible warning to the crane operator and disengages all crane functions whose movement can cause two-blocking.
Load indicatorA simple, effective, and easy to use load indicating system used in conjunction with the anti-two block system to assist the operator in efficient operation of the unit within the limits of the load chart. The display panel displays the hook load and warns the operator when a preset load capacity is exceeded. The warning is by a flashing light on the display panel. In conjunction with the load display panel (receiver), there is a wireless transmitter and load sensing pin attached to the boom head that transmits the hook load to the display panel.
SwingBall bearing swing circle with 360° continuous rotation. Hydraulic driven worm gear and pinion. Maximum speed: 2.05 rpm
Hydraulic systemYB4409 and YB4409XL: (2) gear pumps YB4409-2 and YB4411: Variable displacement piston pump and piggyback gear pump. Combined flow: 107,9 Lpm (28.5 gpm) Maximum system operating pressure: 3600 psi YB4409, YB4409XL and YB4409-2: Six section valve bank mounted in dash panel with direct mechanical linkage for low effort lever control. YB4411: Six section valve bank chassis mounted; operated via dash mounted, pilot pressure hydraulic joysticks. Return line filter with full flow by-pass protection and service indicator. 170 L (45 gal) hydraulic reservoir with sight level gauge and steel side plating to guard against side impact damage.
Hoist specificationsYB4409 / XL: Worm drive with counter-balance valving. Equal speed power up and down. YB4409-2 and YB4411: Piston motor drive with spring applied/hydraulic released brake. Drum diameter: YB4409 / XL: 0,24 m (9.69 in) YB4409-2 and YB4411: 0,27 m (10.63 in) Maximum single line pull: YB4409 / XL: 4854 kg (10,700 lb) YB4409-2 and YB4411: 6350 kg (14,000 lb) Maximum single line speed: YB4409 / XL: 26,8 m/min (88 fpm) YB4409-2 and YB4411: 36,6 m/min (120 fpm) Maximum permissible single line pull: YB4409 / XL: 3855 kg (8500 lb) (12,7 mm [1/2 inch] Python Ultra XIPS) YB4409-2 and YB4411: 4536 kg (10,000 lb) (14,0 mm [9/16 inch] EEIPS) Rope length : YB4409 / XL: (three-section boom) 29,6 m (97 ft) (four-section boom) 39,6 m (130 ft) YB4409-2 and YB4411: 36,6 m (120 ft)
FrameHigh strength alloy steel constructed with integral outrigger housings; front and rear lifting, towing, and tie-down lugs. 38 ft2 carrydeck size with 6350 kg (14,000 lb) carrying capacity (YB4409/XL/ YB4409-2) and 7711 kg (17,000 lb) carrying capacity (YB4411). Deck coated with anti-skid treatment.
OutriggersFront and rear oblique type beams at all four corners with integral holding valves. Outrigger pads form an integral part of the beam.
Outrigger controlsLever controls located on dash panel which operate the beams in pairs from side to side.*Independent outrigger controls available as an option.
Engine (Tier III)Cummins QSB 3.3 L turbo-charged diesel rated at 63,4 kW (85 bhp) at 2600 rpm. Supplied with 120 V engine block heater and air intake grid heater.
*Optional engineG.M. 3.0 L EFI dual fuel (gasoline / L.P.) rated at 59,6 kW (80 bhp) at 2600 rpm.
Operators control stationFrame mounted, open air style control station with cab shell. Includes all crane functions, driving controls, and overhead safety glass. Other standard equipment include a durable weather resistant seat with seat belt, hourmeter, sight level bubble, and fire extinguisher. The dash panel includes engine oil pressure gauge, engine water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, transmission low oil and high temperature warning lights, low battery warning light, and brake system low pressure warning light.
Fuel tank capacity64 L (17 gal) all steel construction with steel side plate to guard against side impact.
*Operators control station enclosedIncludes the standard cab shell with the addition of front, right, and rear glass, a split (two-piece) hinged door with sliding glass. Front windshield wiper and heater and defroster is included.
Electrical systemOne 12V maintenance free battery, 820CCA at 0°. Jump start connections.120 amp alternator.
Drive4 x 2 - Front axle drive with planetary hubs and limited slip differential.
Steerwheel,four-wheel with crab steer
TransmissionSynchromesh -four- speeds forward and reverse with stalk mounted forward/reverse selector.
AxlesFront: Carraro planetary drive/steer with internal multi-wet-disc brakes and limited slip differential. Rear: Fabricated non-drive steer
Tires10.00 x 15 pneumatic
BrakesHydraulic actuated internal wet-disc service brakes acting on front wheels. A dash mounted toggle switch activates the dry disc parking brake on the transmission output yoke with a dash warning light.
SuspensionFront: Rigid mounted to frame. Rear: Rigid mounted to frame.