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Capacity 45 t Capacity
Main Boom Length 10 m - 32 m Main Boom Length
Max Tip Height 49 m Max Height
Vehicle Gross Weight 34700 kg Gross Weight
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Boom10,1 m - 32,0 m, four-section, full-power synchronized boom. Maximum tip height: 34,1 m.
*Fixed swingaway extension8,8 m offsettable lattice swingaway extension. Offsets 0°, 25° and 45°. Stows alongside base boom section. Maximum tip height: 43,1 m.
*Telescopic Swingaway extension8,8 m - 15,5 m telescoping lattice swingaway extension. Offsets at 0°, 25° and 45°. Stows alongside base boom section. Maximum tip height: 49,3 m.
Boom elevationOne double acting hydraulic cylinder with integral holding valve provides elevation from -2° to +78°.
Load moment and anti-two block systemStandard "Graphic Display" load moment and anti-two block system with audiovisual warning and control lever lockout. These systems provide electronic display of boom angle, length, radius, tip height, relative load moment, maximum permissible load, load indication and warning of impending two-block condition. The standard Work Area Definition System allows the operator to pre-select and define safe working areas. If the crane approaches the pre-set limits, audio-visual warnings aid the operator in avoiding job-site obstructions.
CabFull-vision, all-steel fabricated with acoustical lining and tinted safety glass throughout. Deluxe seat incorporates armrest-mounted hydraulic single-axis controllers. Tilt/telescoping steering wheel with various controls incorporated into the steering column. Other standard features include: hot water heater, cab circulating air fan, sliding side and rear windows, sliding skylight with electric wiper and sunscreen, electric windshield wash/wipe, fire extinguisher, seat belt, air conditioning, and dual cab mounted work light.
SlewingPlanetary swing with foot-applied multi-disc brake. Spring applied, hydraulically-released swing brake and plunger-type, one position, mechanical house lock operated from cab. Maximum speed: 2,5 RPM.
Counterweight5 447 kg pinned to structure
Hydraulic systemThree main gear pumps with combined capacity of 391 L/min. Maximum operating pressure: 262 bar. Return line type filter with full flow by-pass protection and service indicator. Replaceable cartridge with micron filtration rating of 5/12/16. 509 L hydraulic reservoir. Hydraulic oil cooler. System pressure test ports. Manual hyd. pump disconnect.
HoistPlanetary reduction with automatic spring applied multi-disc wet brake. Grooved drum. Electronic hoist drum rotation indicators, and hoist drum cable followers. Maximum Single Line Pull:
• 1st layer: 8 246 kg.
• 3rd layer: 6 994 kg.
• 5th layer: 6 084 kg. Maximum Permissible Line Pull: 7 620 kg with 6X37 class rope. 7 620 kg. with 35X7 Rotation Resistant rope. Maximum Single Line Speed: 179 m/min. Rope Construction: 6X36 EIPS IWRC, Special Flexible 35x7 Flex-X, Rotation Resistant Rope Diameter: 19mm. Rope Length: Main Hoist: 137 m. Maximum Rope Stowage: 211 m.
CraneSTARCrane asset management system.
Carrier frameBox section frame fabricated from high-strength, low alloy steel. Integral outrigger housings and front/rear lifting, towing, and tie down lugs.
OutriggersFour hydraulic telescoping single-stage double box beam outriggers with inverted jacks and integral holding valves. Three position setting, 0%, 50% and fully extended. All steel fabricated, quick release type outrigger floats, 610 mm diameter. Maximum outrigger pad load: 31 344 kg. Controls and crane level indicator located in cab.
EngineTier 3 / Euromot 3A: Cummins QSB 6.7 l diesel, six cylinders, turbocharged, 129 kW at 2500 rpm. Maximum torque: 800 Nm at 1500 rpm. Note: Required for sale outside of North American and European Union countries Tier 4f / Euromot 4: Cummins QSB 6.7 l diesel, six cylinders, turbocharged with Cummins Diesel Particulate Exhaust filter/muffler. Meets emissions per U.S.E.P.A. Tier IV and E.U. Stage III B. 179 kW at 2500 rpm. Maximum torque: 990 Nm at 1500 rpm. Fuel requirement: Maximum of 15 ppm sulphur content (Ultra Low Diesel Fuel). Note: Tier IV engine Required in North American and European Union countries. Fuel tank capacity: 220 l.
TransmissionFull rangeshift with 6 forward and 3 reverse speeds. Front axle disconnect for 4 x 2 travel
Drive/Steer4 x 4. Fully independent power steering: Front: Full hydraulic steering wheel controlled. Rear: Full hydraulic switch controlled. Provides infinite variations of 4 main steering modes: front only, rear only, crab and coordinated. Rear steer indicator. Turning radius: 6,4 m.
Axle linesFront: Drive/steer with differential and planetary reduction hubs rigid mounted to frame. Rear: Drive/steer with differential and planetary reduction hubs pivot mounted to frame.
TyresStd. 23,5 x 25 - 20 bias ply, Earthmover type.
LightsFull lighting including turn indicators, head, tail, brake and hazard warning lights.
Maximum Spped39 km/h.
Gradeability (theoretical)78% (Based on 34020 kg GVW) 23.5 x 25 tires, pumps engaged, 32 m boom, and tele-swingaway
BrakesFull hydraulic split circuit disc-type brakes operating on all wheels. Spring-applied, hydraulically released transmission-mounted parking brake.
Electrical systemTwo 12 V - maintenance free batteries. 12 V starting and lighting. Battery disconnect switch
Optional equipment• Auxiliary hoist package (includes Model GHP30A auxiliary hoist with electronichoist drum rotation indicator, hoist drum cable follower, 137 m of 19 mm 35 X 7class wire rope, auxiliary single sheave boom nose)
• CE Mark conformance
• Auxiliary lighting package: Includes cab mounted, 360° rotation spotlight, cabmounted amber flashing light, and dual base boom mounted floodlights, in-cabLMI Light bar, and rubber mat for stowage trough
• 360° NYC style mechanicalswing lock
• Rear Pintle hook
• Cab controlled cross axle differential locks, (frontand rear)
• Rubber mat for storage trough.